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Zak is a content writer, who has been working within the health, wellness and natural/alternative medicine industry for the past 5 years. Zak has worked with both new and established brands within the industry, helping them to transform their online presence and improve their reach. Looking after everything from; full website overhauls and rewrites to SEO optimisation and customer retention, Zak ensured that the clients requirements were always met. Working with new brands such as Greenhaus and Ecigclouds for a number of years, Zak has more recently had freelance work published through Shroomology and in the first edition of Herbs & Vices Magazine.

Recent Articles

Fungi: The Unexpected Fashion Icon

The fashion industry has always been one that is involved with pushing the boundaries of what is both accepted and possible. The environmental impact of the fashion industry is often called into question, with many brands now specifically focusing on pushing the possibilities of sustainability, in an attempt to distance themselves from companies who have a reputation of ‘not caring’.

Whilst flowers and nature have for a long time been a regular feature in fashion, mushrooms and fungi have previ

What are the benefits of natural supplements?

Natural supplements are a wide range of products, some of which have been used for thousands of years, long before the birth of the synthetic pharmaceutical industry. Our society has now become normalised with taking a small white pill to solve our issues and ailments, both physical and mental. We have largely forgotten the traditional therapies that civilisations previously relied on to improve their health. Often deemed as ‘alternative medicines’, the true potential of either adding natural su

History of mushroom use

History of use in Asia;

The Reishi mushroom has had a documented history of use as a ‘health booster’ within China and Japan for almost 2,500 years, with depictions frequently being seen in both Chinese and Japanese writings and artworks. The reality is that Reishi has most likely been used for far longer than its recorded beginnings, being estimated to have been consumed up to 4,000 years ago throughout many Asian cultures, being featured in both Indian and Korean history too. The mushroom, of

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Through a combination of thorough research and personal knowledge, Zak will take a holistic approach to writing, ensuring that all of his content is both informative and engaging but also factual and up to date.

Zak always puts the clients requirements first, making sure there are open lines of communication throughout a project. This gives the client the confidence that they can make any necessary changes and the project will still be completed in a correct and timely manner, always within the brief.